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Finding a Violin Teacher

by Dr. Robin Kay Deverich

A violin teacher is the ideal person to help you establish good playing habits and to enable you achieve your full potential as a musician. Even adults with busy schedules find it helpful to take lessons once or twice a month to receive assistance with violin technique.

When selecting a violin teacher for you or your child, remember that teaching styles and personalities differ. Some teachers may work well with some individuals and not others. An ideal teacher is one who will not only provide you with a solid foundation of violin technique, but also one who will teach you in a manner that motivates and inspires you as a musician.

Suggestions to find and select a violin teacher:

Once lessons begin, it's important to ask yourself: are you or your child motivated by this violin teacher? Are violin lessons a positive experience, or are they discouraging? Effective teaching is very personal experience, so if you or your child feel uncomfortable with the personality and teaching style of the teacher, find another violin teacher!