Free Christmas & Sacred Violin Music
He Lives!
He Lives!

Music: Julia Kay Aho; arranged by Carolyn Curtis. Text: children.*

  1. He is the sun,
    golden and bright,
    He is a diamond
    star in the night.
  2. He is a valley
    a safe place to grow,
    He is the pure
    and sparkling snow.
  3. He—is a compass
    and He's—footsteps in the sand.
    He—is the road back home
    and His—hand is in my hand.
  4. He is a mountain,
    He is the sea,
    He is a stream
    and the shade of a tree.
  5. He—is a rainbow and He—is the big blue sky

    (DUET: sing verse 3 at the same time as verses 1 & 2)
  6. He is my king
    He is the world
    He is—in everything

*Children from a southern congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wanted to find a unique way to share their testimony of the Savior. After learning about poetic symbols and representations of Christ in scripture, the children drew and wrote down evidences of Christ in the world around them. They used these metaphors to express what Jesus Christ means to them. These are their words, arranged by their music leader Julia Aho.

The children's concluding message to you is: We invite you to learn more about Jesus Christ, and we testify, HE LIVES!


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