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Unit 6 - Non-Traditional Violin Music


UNIT 6.12

irish jig
Fig. 6.12 Irish Jig

Irish Washerwoman is an Irish fiddle tune. It is in the musical form of a double jig, and is a fast and lively dance. It is difficult to trace the actual origin of many British tunes, and although Irish Washerwoman is often considered to be an Irish tune, there are some who say it developed from an English country dance tune from 1688 called Country Courtship. [137] Regardless of its origins, Irish Washerwoman has a lilting, lively melody, and the rhythm plays a key role in the sound of the piece. The meter of the piece is in 6/8, and the notes are grouped into two sets of eighth notes. As you play this jig, slightly emphasize the first beat of each group of eighth notes in the following manner: ONE-two-three-FOUR-five-six. Although the piece is fast, you could try adding a few ornaments such as grace notes.

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